2013 Report

2013 for Nikolaus Tea!

This has been an amazing year for me, especially artistically.

  • I designed and built my website with the help of a template early in the year. This was an especially big deal because this is something I didn’t think I could do.
  • I launched the site in July.
  • Posted 44 poems.
  • 1 Children’s book.
  • 2 podcast interviews with Paul XXX and recorded 13.
  • 1 short film. My first collaboration with filmmaker Alecska Divisadero. We are currently finishing our second short film!
  • Filled 4 notebooks with notes and first drafts!

Here’s some of my website stats:

  • 3,675 page views. 
  • 1635 visits.
  • And an audience size of 641 people.
  • $208 in contributions.
  • 17 subscribers to my email list. If you haven’t please subscribe, it’s the most important way to support me right now.

Some of you may remember that my 2013 New year’s resolution was to write 3 poems a day, everyday. This picture shows the results:


Each notebook is for a quarter of 2013 and I used half used paper so only wrote on one side. There were a few things I typed directly or recorded in to my phone as well, but not too many. Way more writing than I was able to type up! It is true that I didn’t write 3 poems everyday of the year, especially toward the end, but there were days I wrote as many as 11 and overall I learned a ton and wrote a ton. I couldn’t be happier with my results. The best part was how happy I was starting each day with personal creativity time!

My 2014 resolution:

Work more hours a week on my creative endeavors than at my other two jobs combined, so >40 hours a week. Here we go!

I wish you a very creative year as well.



Nikolaus Tea